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Sandy DeVore, Publisher

My Gift To You

As most folks, I have been thinking about Christmas as of late.

During my Christmas pondering, recently I had the privilege to be amongst a group of eighth graders. The question was asked “What would your perfect Christmas experience look like?” Most answers were very usual and included:
● Waking up with snow.
● Having all the family together, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and everyone
is happy.
● Enjoy hot cocoa and a meal together.
● Watch Christmas movies.

One answer showed up many times that surprised me:
● For once no one would care about presents and just spend time with one another
(these were 8th graders!).

But the statement that broke my heart:
● All the family would put away their phones and just be together (again, 8th graders!).

I realized later, not one of these students mentioned Christmas as a time to celebrate Christ’s birth. Hum~

I admit, I struggle to keep my mind on the true meaning of Christmas. I have a nativity scene in a prominent place in my home, yet I become distracted by needing to decorate, deciding who to purchase for and finding just the right gifts, and where, when and which Christmas parties/festivities to attend and what to make/bake to take.

The experiences these kiddos long for could be done in most families (except for waking up with snow, that one could be tough depending on where you live!). Not one was expensive. They long for togetherness with those they love, just like God longs for togetherness with us.

At God’s Fit Family, “touching heaven, changing earth” is the call we were given which allows for the “perfect Christmas experience”. With that said, in my time of busyness here at Christmastime, I want to change my attitude and actions until Christmas and everyday after. Each day I will “touch heaven” by considering the day as it is, a gift from God and thank Him, and that with His gift, I will “change earth” by daily dedicating myself to be truly His hands, feet and/or mouthpiece to give to others.

What would your “perfect Christmas experience” look like? The idea of Christmas experiences do not have to only be on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. What really matters? You get to decide. If you would like a few practical ideas to do during this season, click here for my free gift to you “Perfect Christmas Experiences”.

To Receive My Gift, Click Here.


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